Anypro's Sister Brand Sparoma Releases Sparoma Baby Penguin Essential Oil Diffuser

Feb. 20,2017

Sparoma? Not Anypro?

Introducing the sister brand of Anypro—Sparoma is a new brand for a new product line which aims at creating a pure and fresh air for your house and make a happy home life. 

The Sparoma Baby Penguin Essential Oil Diffuser is one of the must-have gadgets in the house. It has the most welcomed features—Whisper quiet operation, mood light, timer and the powerful scent dispenser. It has the adorable penguin shape that you can image it stealing hearts among the gifts!It is now available on Amazon! Buy it(link)at $39.99 now!

Features of Sparoma Baby Penguin Essential Oil Diffuser:

300ml Oil Diffuser  

Sparoma Essential Oil Diffuser functions as not only a diffuser but also a moisturizing humidifier.

Smart Ultrasonic Technology   

Advanced Ultrasonic Diffusing technology produces frequent vibrations and doesn’t harm the healing and natural properties of the oils. 

Touch Control Button   

Easy set and simple use. You can control the portable diffuser by touching the on/off and light buttons.  

Soothing Ambient Lights  

Choose the soft white-yellow light from 3 level light brightness to enhance your mood. 

Auto Shut-off Function  

The diffuser automatically shuts off to ensure safety when water is used up-Energy saving and peace of mind.

About Anypro&Sparoma

Anypro is a leading manufacturer of Home, Health and Personal Care products. We are not only a manufacturer but also have our own R&D department and sales teams. The passion and devotion for a healthy lifestyle are the driving force for us to offer various premium products to our customers. All Anypro products are held to the highest quality standards through thousands of times test and are backed by manufacturer’s industry-leading warranties. Anypro is always standing behind its products and words to offer100% satisfactory support. 

Sparoma is a sister brand of Anypro for a new product line which aims at providing a pure and fresh air for your house and makes a happy home life.

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