·About The 3.5L Humidifier 

1. Tap water or distilled water? 

Due to the water quality of the tap water from the different areas and regions, we highly recommend using the distilled water to avoid the mineral buildup, etc. If the tap water was quite good, then it’s ok to use it with the Anypro humidifier. 

2. Is it quiet? 

 We can’t say it’s completely quiet, but many customers’ feedbacks describe it is not annoying at all. The water dripping sounds like the slight raindrops, which is comfortable, quotes one of our customer reviews. And the white noise is definitely unbearable, our unit does not make such kind of noise.

3. How to use the aroma tray? 

It’s kind of tricky to open the cap on the top. But you can directly add the essential oil in through those little holes on the cap. Please do not use the humidifier as an aroma diffuser to disperse the scent, Anypro essential oil diffusers are the better choices. (See the essential oil diffusers)


4. How to turn on/off the switchable night lights? 

Simply touch the “light bulb” button to turn it on, it starts cycling through all the color lights. Slightly touch the button again to set one color light, one more time to turn it off. The blue power light can’t be turned off when it’s working.

5. How long it can run as per one filling? 

Normally it runs for 20-36 hours per filling when you are at the minimum to medium mist setting.  


6. What size room it can work for? 

It’s perfect for a single room, approximately 430 to 538 square feet at the maximum.

7. The cleaning tips for this humidifier 

The inner plastics are all coated with the anti-bacterial materials so cleaning it for about once a week is fine. But we still suggest to clean it as frequently as you can to ensure the better healthy humidity and air. 

The steps for cleaning: 

1) Refill the water tank with water

2) Put some white vinegar in and shake it

3) Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse

4) Use a little brush to clean the groove

5) Reseat it by aligning the “Anypro” logo and power indicator in a straight line 

8. What is the product dimension? 

7.9*7.9*7.9 inches. 

9. Important Things You Must Know 

1) Please make sure the base has the water in it before turning the humidifier on.

2) The ultrasonic disc can't get scratches or be damaged which may cause the malfunction or reduce the lifetime of this humidifier. It has to be cleaned by a little brush or a cloth or something soft.

3) The water in the tank can't be left for a week or longer otherwise you might smell the unpleasant odour. Please replace the water in the tank and clean it frequently.

4) Please do not add the chemicals (including essential oils, fragrance etc.) into the water tank and the base. The ABS plastic material is durable enough but will crack and be corroded by the chemicals. Only the pad in the aroma tray on the top of the tank can be used for adding the essential oil.

5) When you are washing the base, please be careful with the circulation fan. Please don't submerse the base into the water and don't let the water go into the circulation fan. You can use a tape to seal the circulation fan when you are cleaning the base.

6) Please place this unit on a certain flat surface and keep it away from the furniture in case the hard water creates the white dust.  

7) Please keep it away from the fire and extremely high temperature. Please do not use the hair dryer to dry it.

8) Please screw the cap at the bottom of the water reservoir after refilling it to avoid the leaking problem.

9) Please do not carry the full water tank and base around together which could make the water go inside the base.

10) Please make sure unplug the unit first before you pour the remaining water and start to clean it.

10. Precautions!

a. Do not submerge it in the water. 

b. Keep it away from the socket outlets, the electrical appliances, and the furniture when it's running.

c. Do not touch the power adapter if your hands are wet.

d. Do not use it when you find the plug is loose or the power cord is frayed. 

e. Stop using it when you find a sign of overheating, deformation and cracks.

f. Keep children away from the little accessories like the aroma drawer cap and attached little brush. 

g. Do not clean it in a dishwasher. 

11.  I can’t find the answer to my question above… 

Send us an email at support@anyproglobal.com, our CS representatives will reach out you shortly within 12 hours. About the warranty claim, please also send emails to support@anyproglobal.com with your order number. We are always happy to help you out.    

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·About The Aroma Essential Oil Diffusers

1. Why doesn't the mist come out or just a little I can’t even notice? 

Please check if there are too much water added into the tank which might cause this issue. Please make sure the water is under the maximum water level before using. If the problem still exists, please contact us at support@anyproglobal.com for help.

2. How to clean an aroma diffuser? 

 Open the lid, pour the water in it, use a soft brush or a sponge to clean the tank, then rinse.

·About The Thermo-Hygrometer

1. The hygrometer seems to stop working or has the incorrect readings. 

Please check out if the sensors at the back are covered. 

·User Manual(Downloadable)

Anypro Ultrasonic 3.5L Cool Mist Humidifier User Manual

Anypro Ultrasonic 2L Room Humidifier User Manual

Anypro 2-in-1 Thermo-hygrometer User Manual

Sparoma Portable Essential Oil Diffuser User Manual

*Updated on March 28th, 2017. If you have any questions, please contact support@anyproglobal.com.