Anypro is a leading brand for Home, Health and Personal Care products. We are not only manufacturing products, but also have our own R&D department to develop new products, and sales & marketing teams. The passion and devotion for a healthy lifestyle is the driving force for us to offer multiple premium products to our valuable customers. In 2017, we start a new product line for the office/studio supplies. We offer the best quality products and affordable price as always. 

All Anypro products are held to the highest quality standards through strict quality test and are backed by our manufacturer’s industry-leading warranties. At Anypro, we are always standing behind our products and words to offer 100% satisfactory support.

We have over 2-year experiences in selling on Amazon. By the end of 2016, we had over 1,000 customers feedbacks on Amazon.com and over 50,000 happy customers across the world. 

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Item arrived in excellent condition, and works perfectly. Amazingly quiet. There’s a slight water sound, but its not loud and it is pleasant. There’s no motor or fan noise at all. Puts out a steady stream of cool mist. It cost more, but worth it. I have a vick’s vaporizer and the Ultrasonic puts out more mist, and is 1000 times quieter. FIVE STARS!

Tom S. / Amazon customer

I love, love, love this humidifier. Quiet and the spray does not get floor or furniture wet as my others did. Also love the fact there is no filter to change EVER and it runs all night without running out of water. The colors that glow from it is an added pleasure. Best humidifier I have ever owned.

Terry P. / Amazon customer

When this arrived from Amazon, it didn’t appear brand new. I touched based with Anypro, and Lucy promptly responded by sending a new unit and relieving me of having to return the initial shipment. She expertly answered my questions and kept in touch throughout the process. Anypro offers an excellent product and exemplary service, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Karin A. / Amazon customer

Wonderful product, securely packaged, prompt shipping. AAA+ transaction. Thanks!

Elizabeth N. / Amazon customer

Nice and functional humidifier as other reviewers have said. Work good and quiet. I live in central Arizona and is very dry at times. 8% last week. I use this in my bedroom and it makes breathing much better.

Don R. / Amazon customer

Perfect: cools my room down, one tank of it can go for over 24 hours’ use before needing a refill. The mist is very fine, so there’s no water droplets condensing on items around/near the humidifier. It also sounds like gentle raindrops when it’s running, which is very soothing.

Dolaphine K. / Amazon customer