5 Reasons You Should Use a Humidifier in Winter + Giveaway(Ended)

CR: Amy(www.simplemomreview.com)

With the upcoming Winter months, comes colder temps, which causes us to crank the heat up in the house. Using the heat more also causes drier air in the home. Also in the winter months, unfortunately, comes more colds and the spread of other illnesses.

Here are 5 reasons you should use a humidifier this winter

  1. Alleviate dry and stuffy sinuses. A humidifier will add moisture back into the air which can help
  2. Makes for easier breathing when you have a cold
  3. Keeps skin moisturized. If you’re like me and suffer from chapped lips & dry skin in the Winter then a humidifier might help
  4. If you suffer from frequent nosebleeds. My oldest daughter has frequent nosebleeds and after using a humidifier we noticed a drastic decrease.
  5. Helps a Dry cough.

If you’re looking for a humidifier, the one we use is the Anypro 3.5L. It’s cool mist, ultrasonic, and features an automatic shut off. It’s also made with antibacterial material which suppresses mold growth.

It’s ultra quiet and has a built in night light which makes it great for the kids or a babies room. It allows you to adjust the output amount and It puts out a ton of mist when even when set on high without leaving any condensation behind.

It also doesn’t leak which has been a problem with other humidifiers we’ve owned in the past and lasts for around 36 hours before having to be refilled.

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